Important areas of child development?

Parents don’t want their child to be ahead of the rest in his or her age group. Sometimes they can err on one side and rush their child. It’s important to be able to identify where your child needs to go so you can assist them accordingly.

Parents can consult a number of milestones in early childhood development Norwalk CT to determine if their child is on the right track. These are the areas that will be most crucial to your child’s development.


Your baby will soon discover that the world they live in is social. This will be evident in their first attempt to look at other people. The child will eventually learn to talk, imitate others, show affection (or vice versa) and take possession of items. These are all signs that your child is learning how to cope with a world full of people.


Children learn more in the first two years of life than people older than them in a lifetime. Start with recognizing faces, then move onto playing with blocks and shapes and finally to remembering stories and naming numbers. All of these are essential parts of a child’s cognitive growth.


The most important skill a child can learn is speech. It will be a simple recognition by them gurgling or turning toward noises. They will eventually start to speak short sentences and point to the things they are named after. They will eventually be singing children’s songs and telling long stories using all the new words that they know.

The child’s stage of development will determine the level of their development. Some children learn faster than others. Do not rush your child because they might be slower than their peers, but pay attention to where they are and seek help if they seem unusually behind. Let them have fun! That’s the essence of childhood.