A great nanny can be a lifesaver. You can work and not worry about the children, and they provide a break from everything else. It is important to find the right nanny. You will not find everyone who fits in with your family. Therefore, you need to choose someone that you can feel at home with and can seamlessly integrate into your life. These are the qualities you should look for in a great babysitter.

Current Certifications

You want your children to feel safe with the person you trust. Check the certifications of your nanny.

  • Upland CA CPR certification
  • Certificate in first aid training
  • Water safety certification

Although it is helpful to have training and certification in child development, it is not essential.

Enjoy a Memorable Experience with Kids

There are many ways to get acceptable experience as a nanny. Maybe they were a parent to their younger siblings, or worked as a counselor at a summer camp. You’ll have the best experience with a nanny who has had previous child-care experience, no matter how nice they are. It’s unlikely that you want your children to learn from the nanny.

A good personality

Although there may be initial nervousness when the nanny first meets your family members, you want someone who is calm and comfortable around your children and you as they get to know each other better. The nanny can watch the children while you are doing something else. Listen in to see how the nanny interacts with the children. If they are too strict or rough with the children, imagine what they will do if they realize you’re not down the hall.

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