The latest medical advances have made it possible to overcome fertility problems. One example of this progress is the ability for a surrogate to conceive and carry a baby through IVF and Surrogate services.

ADONIS clinics offer the most comprehensive Infertility treatment options. Our medical staff includes the most skilled representatives of the Reproductive sphere.

ADONIS Surrogacy Clinic

If you’re ready to begin your Infertility treatment, the first and most important thing is to find the clinic that has the best staff, equipment and recommendations.

ADONIS Surrogacy Clinic is definitely one of these options.

We have been providing the opportunity to parent families around the world for more than 23 years. Complex Infertility Treatment is handled by the Surrogacy Department. Our patients receive total support from the moment they send their request.

The obvious advantages of ADONIS Medical Centers make Infertility treatment more successful.

Surrogate database

Surrogate programs include services for Surrogate mothers to have and childbearing. ADONIS clinics offer the unique opportunity to select Surrogates from our Surrogate Database. You can be confident in your safety and security by strict recruitment. Each candidate must meet all criteria, including ideal health (both moral and physical), readiness and being able to perform the duties.

Embryo laboratory

The process of creating an embryo is complex and critical. If the intended parents do not have any previously cryopreserved embryos, ADONIS’ embryo laboratory can help them create embryos. Real specialists are responsible for your future healthy babies.

Donor base

Ukraine’s legislation allows surrogate motherhood if at least one of the intended parents has a direct genetic connection to the child. ADONIS’ own donor base offers a selection of egg or sperm donors that can be used immediately to treat severe fertility issues in a partner. The anonymity of the donors does not guarantee their safety and purity.


Cryopreservation of biomaterials (eggs and sperm cells) is your best investment in the future. ADONIS’ cryo bank is the latest technological equipment that maintains a subzero temperature over a prolonged period. The X-rays do not expose special boxes. They are protected against environmental damage and changes. Your genetic material is guaranteed to be 100% pure.

Worldwide surrogacy treatment

Surrogacy is a common practice around the world. The main criteria to guide you are Quality and Price.

As an illustration, the cost of Surrogacy Treatment in the USA starts at $90 000. Surrogacy in Canada ranges from $70 000 up to $90 000.

ADONIS clinics offer the best quality care at the most affordable prices.

All services are included in well-designed Programs, which start at 35 000 USD and 55 000 USD respectively for an all-inclusive Program called “UNLIMITED Attempts”.

You are close to the Surrogacy success treatment. ADONIS International is available 24/7 to help patients around the world. For more information, please contact our managers.