Teachers can often tell students who are well prepared for school. Parents can help their children prepare for school by helping them to be ready mentally, socially, and physically. These are some tips to help you get started.

Read, Read and Read

Read bedtime stories at the library every night. This will help your daughter enjoy reading and can even prepare her for the future. She will discover that books can be a treasure trove and will be eager to read all the information she can. You can let her pick some books from the library and then start building your own library.

Visit the Dentist

Going to the dentist with your child can be an enjoyable experience. The office will look inviting and will have a trained staff to make your son feel at ease. Pediatric dentists are skilled at working with children every day.

Be friends

Your daughter will have the opportunity to play with her friends and learn to share. These skills will allow her to adapt to school, where she will meet many new friends. Perhaps she enjoys playing soccer with the neighborhood kids. Pre-schoolers can benefit from supervision, so make sure to keep them in your sights with friendship activities.

See the doctor

Before a school district accepts your son as a student, most require a physician’s exam. In some states, waivers can be signed or immunizations may be required. It is important that you are able to check on your child’s progress. You might also need to test your student’s eyesight, ears, heart, and strength. It is possible that your student needs glasses before he starts school.

This is a very exciting time in your family’s life. The transition to school can be made easy if you are ready and eager to learn.