How to Choose the Perfect “Sherry Cooking Wine”?

There are many types of sherry cooking wine, including Sherry, Sherry and Sauternes. This guide will help you quickly identify which sherry cooking wines are used in what dishes.

You should know that the main difference between wine sold as sherry cooking wines and regular wines is their quality. A regular wine is more flavorful than a sherry cooking wine.

There are Six main Types 

  1. Dry Red and White Wines
  2. Dry Nutty/Oxidized wines
  3. Sweet Nutty/Oxidized Wines
  4. Sweet Fortified Red Wines Like Port
  5. Sweet white wines
  6. Rice wine

How to choose a Sherry Cooking Wine?

Dry Red and White Wines Use it with cream soups, beef stews, mussels and clams as well as wine-based sauces.

Regular drinking wines include dry white and red wines. Pairing your meal with the right wine is often the best way to choose the best sherry cooking wine. Wine Reduction Sauce, Bourguignonne Sauce, and Beurre Rouge are great for dry red wines. You can use dry white wines for everything, including cream sauces, soups, and even to deglaze your pan. Check out this complete guide to dry white wine for your cooking.

Sherry Cooking Wine that are dry Nutty/Oxidized

It is perfect for making mushroom gravies on chicken or pork chops, and rich fish like shrimp and halibut.

Each oxidized wine will have a unique taste, which can change the flavor profile of the dish. Rainwater Madeira, for example, is not a substitute for Marsala in a recipe. These wines have a higher ABV which gives them a richer flavor to dishes than dry wines. These wines can last for several months if kept in the refrigerator. You can try them all, but pick the one you like best to use regularly.

Sweet Nutty/Oxidized 

These syrups are great for topping desserts with caramel, nuts, or vanilla ice cream Wine of this type is usually aged at least 10 years, with the best wines being aged for up to 40 years before they are opened. These sherry cooking wine can be reduced to make a caramel-like sauce, or you can pour them over your dessert. These wines will last for about a month if kept open in the fridge.

Sweet Fortified Red Wines (Port)

This is a great choice for chocolate sauces, chocolate cakes and Port reduction syrup. It also makes savory Port sauces that are perfect for steaks with blue-cheese.

Ruby Port, Late-Bottled Vintage Port and Vintage Port are all red ports. Ruby Port is an excellent everyday cooking solution because it’s the cheapest. Keep a bottle of Ruby Port around! Ruby Port can be stored for up to a month. It’s great as a sauce on cakes, brownies, and even steak.