Baby Shoes

What time should I buy shoes for my baby’s feet?

What time should I buy shoes for my baby’s feet?

To keep your baby’s feet comfortable, socks and booties are sufficient. However, once she begins to walk outside, shoes will be necessary to protect her delicate toes.

Brittany Ferri Ph.D. is a licensed occupational therapist and recommends choosing nonskid or rubber soles for baby shoes. This will provide stability as your child walks.

Which are the best walking shoes for babies?

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), shoes are not necessary indoors if your baby is learning how to walk. Dr. Ferri recommends that babies wear lightweight shoes.

How to select the best baby walking shoes

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), has some additional criteria that you should consider when buying baby walking shoes.

Non-slip, flexible soles. The AAP recommends that baby’s first shoes be closed-toed and comfortable.

Check that the shoe fits properly. Shoes for babies should be easy to put on and take off.

No special features required. The AAP recommends that shoes without wedges, inserts, or special arches be avoided. They are unnecessary and can make it difficult for babies to walk.

How can I keep my baby’s shoes clean?

Babies are known for throwing off their shoes, and older children may attempt to take them off themselves. Here are some tips to help keep baby’s shoes on their feet.

Make sure the shoe fits properly. Dr. Ferris suggests that you press your hand down on the shoe’s front to feel for the big toe. You will need a few inches of space between the toes, but not too much.

Find shoes that fit your baby’s foot.

Find a pair that your baby loves! Give her a variety of styles to try. This will help you to find the one she likes.

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